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3 Celebrities Who Have Received Varicose Vein Treatment (And Why There’s No Shame in That)

celebrity varicose veinsVaricose veins are not a new concept, and they’re certainly not selective when it comes to who does or doesn’t suffer from them. What they are is a nuisance to those who suffer from them, even to celebrities. In fact, numerous celebrities have suffered from pesky varicose and spider veins, much like us average folk do.

Here are three celebrities who have treated their pesky varicose veins to obtain the beautiful legs that allow them to wear what they want—whether it’s a red carpet look or skinny jeans—feel comfortable, and avoid the health risks associated with untreated varicose and spider veins.

#1: Emma Thompson

The wonderfully talented actress, activist, screenwriter, comedian, and author Emma Thompson admitted to having varicose veins and receiving treatment to help rid her legs of their peskiness. While always gorgeous, even something as annoying as varicose veins can make someone as magnificent as Emma Thompson feel down, which is why she chose to receive treatment. And she’s still just as gorgeous as ever!

#2: Britney Spears

Yup, even the Queen of Pop has suffered from pesky varicose veins. This just proves that varicose veins aren’t exclusive—they’ll go after queens too. Britney, who is a mother of two, may have developed them because of her two pregnancies. Pregnancy, unfortunately, can cause women to develop them. Luckily, there are treatments available that can help rid you of them so you can look great, feel like yourself, and not have to worry about the many health risks associated with varicose veins.

#3: Kristin Davis

Even with her goddess-like status, Kristin Davis is just as human as the rest of us (well, in some ways). She, too, has received treatment to rid her legs of varicose veins. Whether for health or cosmetic purposes, she proves that seeking professional treatment is always helpful.

No Shame in Treatment

One thing these three amazing women have in common—aside from being amazing—is that they’ve all received scrutiny for receiving varicose vein treatment, as if it’s some terrible thing women should be ashamed of. There’s no shame in receiving treatment. There’s no shame in doing so solely because you’re unhappy with how your legs look because of them, and there’s certainly no shame in doing so for health purposes. Not only can varicose vein treatment help with how your legs look but it’s also a good idea because varicose veins can cause serious issues, like blood clots. If you’re looking to seek treatment, Physicians Vascular Services can help. Call today!

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