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3 Tips for Keeping Legs Healthy During the Holidays

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For some, the holidays can be a time where we find ourselves spending more time indoors, couped-up in front of the television or at the dinner table catching up with friends and family. When the winter weather finally braces El Paso, the desire to stay indoors, perhaps bundled up in a cover can certainly set in.

However, if you do find yourself spending too much time indoors, particularly sitting on the sofa, it can have damaging effects on your health. For your legs, this could mean the risk of getting varicose veins. Sitting for hours on end block the blood flow in your legs. Another aspect to consider is how our diets change during the winter, particularly around the holidays. Who can resist Christmas cookies? The key to maintaining healthy legs during the holidays is all about balance.

As a vein treatment clinic, we’re committed to providing you with tips to maintain healthy legs all year round! If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the holidays and keep your legs in excellent, be sure to follow these three key recommendations:

1. Drink plenty of water.

It’s important for your body to stay hydrated. If you’re someone who tends to eat a lot of salty foods then you should especially attempt to incorporate more water into your diet. Foods high in sodium cause swelling and impact your water retention. With high sodium levels, your body will retain water. Extra water in the blood adds pressure to the veins and can prevent healthy blood flow. When you keep your body hydrated, it allows your system to flush out sodium.    

2. Resist the urge to sit all day.

Keeping your legs in the same position can lead to varicose veins. Even if you plan on staying home, be sure to move around every hour and stretch! When you are sitting at home, try to keep your legs elevated. If you’re traveling and your plane or bus ride is more than an hour, try to get up and walk for a couple of minutes or stand up and stretch as much as possible. You can also do circular motions with your calves to get the blood in your legs pumping.   

3. Wear loose-fitted clothing and save the heels for special occasions.

If you’re someone who wears layers upon layers when the temperatures drop, then one key thing you will want to avoid is wearing too tightly fitted clothing. If your pants or undergarments feel extra tight around the groin area, it can prevent blood from circulating. When it comes to your choice of footwear, opt for shoes that aren’t completely flat but have a very low heel that balances out the position of your foot. High heels cause damage to your calf pump, preventing the circulation of blood.

Get treated at Physician’s Vascular Services

Keep your legs healthy this winter season. If you do notice any changes in your legs such as the appearance of varicose veins, be sure to contact us! We offer several vein treatment options and can offer recommendations for the health of your legs, based on your unique lifestyle.

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