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5 Things To Know About the American College of Radiology’s Gold Seal Accreditation

doctor t in the operating room for surgical venous vascular surgery clinicThe American College of Radiology offers gold seal accreditation to the best of the best in the medical industry. Their gold seal accreditation is awarded to those who specialize in medical imaging, such as MRIs and ultrasounds, to diagnose and treat diseases and other issues. Here are five things you should know about the accreditation and who it is awarded to.

Fact Number One: They’ve Been Accrediting Medical Professionals Since 1987

The field of medicine has grown a lot in the 30 years since the American College of Radiology began accrediting people. But over the years, numerous qualified and hardworking professionals have received the seal, including our vein clinic, and they show no signs of slowing down. In total, they’ve accredited over 38,000 facilities throughout the nation.

Fact Number Two: Doctors Across Multiple Disciplines Can Become Accredited

Doctors, regardless of their specializations, can become gold seal accredited if they meet the necessary criteria. Oncologists, radiologists, and more can become accredited. In addition, their medical imaging accreditation covers a wide variety of disciplines, including breast MRI and ultrasound, CT scan, mammography, and nuclear medicine, to name a few.

Fact Number Three: Accreditation Guarantees Safety and Efficiency

In order to be accredited, there are certain standards we must continuously meet regarding equipment, quality assurance, and medical personnel. We are held to high standards, so you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving the best care from doctors who only use the best equipment. This can help us diagnose and treat venous issues you may be experiencing at our vein clinic.

Fact Number Four: Applicants for Accreditation Must Complete and Pass a Series of Steps

Not just anyone can be accredited by the American College of Radiology. While they’ve accredited numerous facilities, not everyone makes it. In order to become accredited, we had to fill out an application, submit quality assurance documents and photos, and undergo a complete evaluation. This way, they only pick trustworthy doctors and facilities to become accredited.

Fact Number Five: Our Accreditation Means We Guarantee Results

We didn’t just get accredited simply by applying. We are dedicated to helping the El Paso community fight against venous diseases. We work hard to get you results and help you fight against varicose veins and other issues. We’re always ready to help you.

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