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Stay Active! Vein Care Starts at Home

spider-vein-treatment-in-el-pasoVein care involves getting proper treatment from El Paso professionals like the doctors at Physician’s Vascular Services. However, keeping your veins and circulatory system healthy is also something that you can work on at home. There are things that you can do in order to prevent the development of varicose veins or to slow down the development of varicose veins.  

Lifestyle Changes to Make for Effective Vein Care

Vein care at home can not only reduce the development of varicose veins, but it can also reduce the discomfort associated with varicose veins you may already have. Some of the different lifestyle changes that El Paso patients with circulatory issues can make include exercising, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight. When you lose weight, you take some of the pressure off of your veins.  A low-salt diet can also result in less water retention.  Finally, walking helps to encourage good blood circulation.

Taking Care of Your Legs

In addition to lifestyle changes aimed at improving circulation and decreasing water retention, there are also some even more basic steps you can take for at-home vein care. One thing you should do is elevate your legs several times a day to improve circulation. You should elevate the legs above the level of your heart a few times a day, which you can do by laying down and resting your legs on several pillows. You can also watch the types of clothing that you wear, avoiding high heels and tight clothes.  These steps can make a big difference in improving circulation, but you should still see a professional about vein care. 

Choose Physician’s Vascular Services Today!

There are many simple lifestyle changes you can do to make your veins healthier. But it’s also good to get medical assistance. This way, you can see just how important it is to have healthy veins. Vein care can start at home but it can also become extenuated when you visit a doctor. Your doctor can help pinpoint what’s causing your vein issues and even offer personalized ways for you to keep your veins healthy. All it takes is a visit to your vein doctor, your body will thank you for it!

If you’re ready for your legs to start looking as they’re meant to, then don’t hesitate. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’re ready to make your veins as healthy as ever.

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