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Accredited in Medical Imaging: What Does That Mean?

varicose veinsWhen it comes to receiving vein care, doctors will use a variety of medical imaging methods, tools, and equipment to diagnose and treat varicose veins. At Physician’s Vascular Services, we are accredited in medical imaging by the American College of Radiology. So what exactly is medical imaging and how does being accredited benefit you? Let’s discuss.

What is Medical Imaging?

Medical imaging, or radiology, is essentially a branch of medicine that relies on imaging for diagnosing and treating diseases and other health issues. It may sound scary, but chances are you’ve already undergone medical imaging in your life before. For example, if you or your partner were pregnant, you’d receive an ultrasound so you and your doctor can view images of the baby while in the womb. You may also have received an MRI to search for issues below the surface, such as an ulcer or abscess tooth. It’s also commonly used to detect and diagnose cancer, including breast MRIs which look for breast cancer and other issues.

Medical imaging is 100 percent safe, which is why it is often used by medical professionals in multiple disciplines. It can be used both for diagnosing issues and during treatment of different diseases, so the need for surgery is not necessary. That is why medical imaging is so important. It allows doctors to diagnose and treat issues without the need for surgery.

Medical Imaging and Varicose Vein Care

At Physician’s Vascular Services, we rely on medical imaging to diagnose and treat varicose veins, ulcers, and other issues caused by venous reflux. Medical imaging allows us to reduce the number of varicose veins you have without having to perform surgery. We often use ultrasound technology to guide our tools during varicose vein removal and to diagnose varicose veins beforehand, making sure everything is done accurately, efficiently, and comfortably.

How Does Our Accreditation Help You?

As an accredited vein care center, you can guarantee you’ll receive the best care with nothing but the best in equipment and methodology. Being accredited means we must hold ourselves to high standards set by the American College of Radiology. This means you can rest assured knowing we’ll actively help you reduce your varicose veins while also maintaining a professional, comfortable environment.

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