Vein Doctor in El Paso | Don’t Live with Varicose Veins

Vein doctor at Physician's Vascular Services- Dr. Furlong

Visit a vein doctor  at Physician’s Vascular Services in El Paso if you have grown tired of living with varicose veins.  Varicose veins can make you unhappy with the appearance of your legs as you do not like to see the large bulging veins when you wear skirts or shorts. Unfortunately, varicose veins are more than just an aesthetic issue. They can also make your legs feel heavy, can cause you to itch, and can just make you feel very uncomfortable. A vein doctor in El Paso can help to solve these problems on a long-term basis so you will not have to worry about your varicose veins any more.

Why You Should See a Vein Doctor

Many people are reluctant to see a vein doctor in El Paso because they have undergone treatment in the past and have found it to be painful or because they have heard that stripping and cauterization is the only available technique to resolving problems with varicose veins.  Fortunately, there have been great advances in the field of treating varicose veins that your vein doctor in El Paso can explain to you.

Medical Advancements in Treatment

New procedure take advantage of lasers and other advances in medicine to provide effective vein treatment for varicose veins that is not painful at all and that has a minimal recovery period. Treatment can be provided on an outpatient basis by a vein doctor in El Paso and you can find yourself with your varicose vein problem solved quicker than you ever imagined with less discomfort than you thought possible.

You do not have to live with varicose veins that are affecting your happiness- contact Physician’s Vascular Services today to speak with a vein doctor in El Paso who can provide you with a comprehensive exam and advice on your treatment options.


Vein Center in El Paso | The Latest in Vein Care

varicose vein free calves and ankles after treatment at a vein center, hanging out of a car

If you have had treatments for varicose veins or other similar circulatory issues in the past but are experiencing problems again, it is time to visit a vein center in El Paso.  There have been many advancements made in how varicose veins are treated and you can consider one of many effective new approaches to getting rid of your varicose veins. Physician’s Vascular Services knows them all, and our medical staff is waiting to solve your problems.

The Importance of Diagnosing and Treating Varicose Veins

When you are experiencing repeated problems, it is important to get a diagnosis from a qualified and experienced medical professional to determine if there are any underlying issues you need to address to ensure healthy circulation.  Physician’s Vascular Services is a top-rated, respected vein center in El Paso that is staffed with medical professionals who have extensive experience with the treatment of varicose veins.  We can provide you with a full diagnostic examination to help you to determine what your options are for treating your varicose veins and to help you to identify whether there are any specific issues that are causing you to have recurring problems.

New Treatment Options at Our Vein Center

If you had treatment for varicose veins a long time ago, you may be worried about the recovery process as you may remember that it was uncomfortable and you were off your feet. The old procedure to treat varicose veins, vein stripping and cauterization, did tend to have a long recovery time.  You do not have to worry about this now, though, because there are a huge number of new procedures including ultrasound guided sclerotherapy,  radio frequency ablation procedures, ambulatory phlebectomy, laser treatments and VeinGogh(TM) treatment that allow for effective treatment with a much shorter recovery time.

Do not wait to get treatment for your varicose veins. Contact Physician’s Vascular Services today to visit our vein center in El Paso.

A Vein Doctor in El Paso You Can Trust


A vein doctor in El Paso can provide help with varicose and spider veins. If you are unhappy with the way that your veins look or if you are experiencing problems doing activities you enjoy as a result of pain or itching in your veins, it is time for you to take action. A vein doctor at Physician’s Vascular Services will provide you with advice and information about treatment solutions and can help you to resolve your varicose vein issues with the treatment solution that works best for your needs.

Vein Doctor Offering New Treatment Options

Many people are very nervous about visiting a vein doctor in El Paso because they have heard that the treatment for varicose veins is painful or has a long recovery period. It is true that the old established treatment method of vein stripping and cauterization could cause discomfort and could result in a lengthy period in which you need to rest and recover. With new technologies and treatment advances, however, there is no need to be worried or afraid about going to see a vein doctor in El Paso.

Non Invasive Treatment for Varicose and Spider Veins

There are many different new treatments that take advantage of lasers and other new technologies to quickly and effectively treat your varicose or spider veins. The new procedures that your vein doctor in El Paso can discuss with you can be performed on an outpatient basis and are not invasive at all. There is minimal or no discomfort as you get treatment for your varicose veins and you can be up and back to your normal activities in no time.

It is important that you see a vein doctor in El Paso who has kept up to date on all the new advances in treatment so you will have a choice of what procedures you want to undergo.  Contact Physician’s Vascular Services today to talk to a doctor who knows all the latest treatments.

The Latest Tech in Vein Treatment: Veinviewer Flex Light in El Paso

524-pvs_fasttrack1The veinviewer flex light in El Paso makes it easier than ever for doctors to get a clear picture of exactly where your circulatory issues are originating from and what parts of the vein are affected. It is one of the most effective new technologies that provides medical professionals with the tools they need to effectively treat vascular diseases. Whether you have varicose or spider veins or whether you have some other condition that is having an impact on your veins, you need an accurate diagnosis of exactly where the problems are. At Physician’s Vascular Services, we have been using this technology for a while now with excellent response and results.

How Does the Veinviewer Flex Light Help?

Conveniently, it is highly portable and it is ideal for use at all phases of vascular access procedures, including the pre-treatment phase, during the treatment, and when the treatment has been concluded. The veinviewer flex light works by projecting near-infrared light, which is absorbed by the blood and by the surrounding tissues.  Information is captured as the near-infrared light is shone on the area and is able to be processed digitally, in real time, creating a map of your blood pattern right on the skin.  This makes it very easy for doctors to identify blood patterns in clinically relevant veins so that treatment procedures can be targeted and effective.

At Physician’s Vascular Services, our trained and experienced medical professionals use the veinviewer flex light in El Paso. Not all medical facilities that treat patients with varicose veins are taking advantage of this technology. We are happy to be able to offer this service to our patients in order to make their treatments easier. If you need to ensure you are getting the care you require for your varicose veins, contact Physician’s Vascular Services today to take advantage of the use of the veinviewer flex light in El Paso.


Looking for Varicose Vein Treatment in El Paso?

Painful varicose veins

If you have varicose veins or spider veins, a varicose vein treatment in El Paso can provide relief.  You may have had varicose vein treatment in the past and may be concerned because you worry about the process of vein stripping and cauterization. You likely know that this procedure has pain associated with it and that there is a recovery process that can be difficult.  Fortunately, there are many other options for varicose vein treatment in El Paso.  In fact, Physician’s Vascular Services offers six different approaches to treating varicose veins that do not involve stripping and cauterization.

Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Options for vein treatment in El Paso that are available through Physician’s Vascular Services include:

  • Radio Frequency Ablation
  • VeinGogh Treatment
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy
  • Endogenous laser treatment
  • Radio frequency ablation- Venefit procedure

It is important to choose the right vein treatment based on the specifics of your condition. At Physician’s Vascular Services clinics, a qualified and experienced medical professional can conduct a comprehensive and thorough examination to determine the extent of your vein problems and to try to find underlying medical conditions that may be the cause. Once your medical issues have been accurately diagnosed, you can get the right type of varicose vein treatment in El Paso that will solve your problem.

With treatment, you can get rid of unsightly varicose veins that make you embarrassed and you can experience relief from the itchiness, heaviness and discomfort associated with varicose veins. Don’t wait to get varicose vein treatment in El Paso and feel better. Contact Physician’s Vascular Services today to schedule an appointment with a medical professional who will help you.


The Treatment Triangle for a Venous Leg Ulcer


We’re all getting older and as we do, it’s important to know how to prolong good health for as long as possible. A venous leg ulcer can be a serious issue. This problem is caused by poor blood circulation in the legs. Rather than flow toward and then away from the heart, the blood backs up and pools often resulting in these ulcers on the lower leg. Left untreated, can develop into open wounds on the lower leg or ankle that often don’t heal properly.

Recognizing a Venous Leg Ulcer

Prevention, recognition and treatment are the three points on a successful treatment triangle. Since obesity causes pressure on the veins, trying to keep excess weight off is a great way to avoid this problem. Smoking, of course, makes the problem worse. However, if you’ve got a family history or are just getting older, a venous leg ulcer might occur despite your best attempts at prevention. Thick, itchy skin that has turned dark red or purple is a good indication there’s a problem.  Knowing what to look for can help you get the right treatment before complications set in.

Treatment Options Available

The last point on the triangle is about getting the right treatment. There are some serious complications if you ignore the signs you might have a venous leg ulcer. The ulcers that can form can be painful and open wounds can become infected. Your legs can also swell, becoming tender and painful. Recently developed treatments include modern technologies like Endovenous Laser Treatment and Sclerotherapy, where the sclerosing agent causes the vein to fragment and collapse. The vein tissue is reabsorbed by your body. These modern technologies are minimally invasive and can have you back to your normal routine in as quickly as one day.

Here at Physicians Vascular Services, we have all the innovative techniques to treat this painful debilitating condition. Contact us to find our more about our treatment options for vascular issues today!

Do Not Let Your Mom Wait | Vein Clinic in El Paso


If your mother has varicose veins and you are worried, it is time to visit a vein clinic in El Paso.  Varicose veins can become a serious health problem. They can affect mobility, cause significant discomfort and create other circulatory issues. You do not want to leave varicose veins undiagnosed and untreated.

A Vein Clinic that Provides the Information You Need

Physician’s Vascular Services is a top vein clinic in El Paso that can help you to ensure your mother gets the help she needs with her vein problems.  We can conduct a thorough examination to identify whether there are any major underlying medical issues or whether any health problems have developed as a result of the varicose veins. We can also provide you with comprehensive information about different options for treating varicose veins.

Up to Date Technology

At our vein clinic, we have kept up to date with advancements in this field of medicine. We have a Vein Flex Light to help make finding problem areas and treatment easier by effectively enhancing the vascular system in your legs. We can determine how the state of your vascular health by simply turning on a light!

New Treatment Options

Stripping and cauterization used to be the only ways to treat varicose veins and these procedures can be painful and result in a long recovery period that keeps you away from normal activities. If your mother has had these procedures done in the past, she may be worried about coming in for treatment because she does not want to go through that again. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of newer, better and less painful treatment options for varicose veins. At our vein clinic, Physician’s Vascular Services can treat varicose veins with an ambulatory phlebectomy, radio frequency (RF) ablation, or an endogenous laser treatment.

Do not hesitate to get your mother to visit our vein clinic in El Paso today for help with varicose veins. Contact us today for more information or to schedule her appointment!

A Vein Doctor in El Paso can Treat your Varicose Veins

524-pvs_fasttrack1When you have varicose veins, see a vein doctor in El Paso to help you explore treatment options. Vein doctors have the knowledge necessary to diagnose the cause of your circulatory issues and to help you get the treatment required to solve the problems you are facing. A vein doctor in El Paso is going to be able to take advantage of technologies that make it easier to see the pattern of your veins and that make it faster and simpler to resolve the problems that you are having with your circulation that are causing spider veins or varicose veins.

A Vein Doctor can Solve Your Vein Issues

Traditionally, stripping and cauterization were treatments for vein problems. There are many more advanced solutions today that are not as painful and that have a very short recovery period. You can get your vein problems treated on an outpatient basis and be back on your feet in no time when you see a vein doctor in El Paso.

The Importance of Seeing a Specialist

Seeing a specialist always makes sense when you are having medical issues, but it may be especially important to see a vein doctor in El Paso compared with a general practitioner. Seeing a specialist is necessary for vein problems because of the many different approaches to treating circulatory issues. A doctor who specializes in vein care is going to be able to explain all different kinds of treatment methods and help you to choose the one that is right for you.

When you need a vein doctor in El Paso, Physician’s Vascular Services is here to help. Our medical professionals specialize specifically in helping people with circulatory problems and we have many different modern approaches to solving your problems permanently.  To learn more about how we can help with varicose veins, spider veins and other circulatory issues, contact us today to talk to a vein doctor in El Paso.

See a Vein Doctor in El Paso for Varicose Veins

spider veins that could benefit from a visit to a vein doctor

Anyone with varicose veins or a venous disorder should see a vein doctor in El Paso to get a proper diagnosis and to learn about treatment options. Varicose veins can be a symptom of circulatory problems that you need to solve to keep your body healthy. A vein doctor can conduct a thorough screening and health assessment to help you to determine if you have any serious underlying medical problems that need to be treated.

Varicose Veins Affect Your Quality of Life

Varicose veins can also interfere with your life. They can make you tired, itch terribly and make you feel achy. They can also leave you feeling very unhappy about the appearance of your feet. You don’t have to live with this medical problem that makes you feel unhappy and sick all the time. You need to see a qualified vein doctor to find out what treatment approach is best for you.

The Right Vein Doctor for You

At Physician’s Vascular Services, the first step a vein doctor will take is to conduct a thorough and detailed screening to offer you a diagnosis and accurate picture of your health. Your doctor will then explain to you the different options that are available to treat your venous condition.  Some of the different treatments that may be available to you can include VeinGogh, Sclerotherapy (traditional and ultrasound guided), an ambulatory phlebectomy, or an endogenous laser treatment.

Many of these new treatment methods are much less invasive than past methods of treating varicose veins, which typically left scars, caused pain and left you with a long recovery time. A vein doctor in El Paso can explain the new treatment approaches that are available and help you to get the medical care you require. Contact us today!

Veinviewer Flex Light in El Paso

Dr. Furlong using the veinviewer flex light

Physician’s Vascular Services will now be offering examinations using the Veinviewer flex light in El Paso. This is an exciting new service with significant benefit to patients who have varicose veins and other circulatory issues. This technology makes the vascular diagnosis and treatment accurate and painless.

What is the Veinviewer Flex Light?

The Veinviewer flex light is a portable vascular access imaging device that makes it easier to identify the optimal venipuncture site.  This can help to reduce the risk of potential complications.  The Veinviewer flex light can not only be used before procedures are performed, but it can also be used during and after medical treatments for vein problems.

How Does it Work?

This device uses advanced technologies to provide powerful advantages for patients undergoing a vascular access procedure.  It works by projecting a near-infrared light. The light is absorbed by the body’s blood and is reflected by the surrounding tissues.  This makes it possible to more easily see blood patterns as deep as 15 mm as well as veins up to 10 mm that are clinically relevant.

Accurate, Real Time Information

Information from the device is projected in real time under the skin’s surface, making it easier for medical professionals to provide accurate treatments. The Veinviewer flex light is used to more easily see peripheral veins as well as to see valves and bifurcations.  Accidental puncture can be avoided and the refiling and flushing of veins can be assessed more accurately in real time.

Physician’s Vascular Services has the Veinviewer flex light in El Paso available and in use now for patient treatments. If you want to take advantage of this new service and receive cutting-edge medical care from trusted professionals, contact us today for more information.