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How Your Job Can Be Causing Your Varicose Veins

We’ve all heard the phrase, sitting is the new smoking. This popular colloquialism refers to the idea that excessive sitting — much like the avid smoking of the mid 20th century—is now causing people a lot of health problems and conditions that might not have been much of a problem before. This is precisely what is happening with a large number of people who report back pains and back problems due to a lot of sitting at work. These sedentary desk jobs, however, have also proven to give people problems with circulation and cause varicose veins. 


Sitting down for long periods of time can restrict circulation and this can exacerbate inflamed veins. This doesn’t just happen when sitting in front of a desk but with other jobs that require a lot of standing. Some of the things that happen when sitting all day include a weakening of the leg muscles, heart disease, depression, bad posture, and so on. It all depends, of course, on other factors, but one thing that can also happen is a restriction of blood flow to your legs. 


So what happens when your job requires you to sit down for long periods of time and does not encourage much physical movement? There are a few things you can do to help keep your circulation moving throughout the day. 


Take breaks regularly. One important thing you can do is remind yourself (set up an alarm on your computer or phone) and stand up at least every hour or so. Take a little walk, stretch your legs, and, if you really want to get crazy and its work appropriate, do some burpees or jumping jacks.


Watch your diet. What you eat affects how you feel and every aspect of your health. One way to help with overall health and wellness is to ensure that your diet consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables to support healthy digestion and nutrient intake. Balance your diet with plenty of protein and healthy carbs and you’ll be good to go. 


Avoid processed sugars. One of the biggest enemies to good health in our modern world includes the excessive consumption of processed sugars. Having too much unhealthy sugar will increase inflammation and thus have an adverse effect on your health, circulation, and regular digestion. Processed sugars also make you feel bloated, tired, and don’t provide any real nutrition to get you through the challenges of the day. 


Consider compression. Compression stockings can be quite beneficial if your job requires a lot of standing or sitting. They can provide additional aid in helping blood move through your veins. 


Visit a Vein Doctor for Appropriate Treatment


If you begin to experience symptoms of varicose veins or spider veins, make sure to talk to a vein doctor as quickly as possible to discuss remedies, treatments, and lifestyle changes that can help your legs. The more you wait, the bigger the issue might become and so you want to treat yourself as quickly as possible. Visit Physicians Vascular Services today and speak with a professional. 

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