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Leg Syndromes You Should Know and How They Affect Your Varicose Veins

woman from waist down sitting on couch rubbing her leg as if in painYour legs are a key part of life. They get you from point A to point B and allow you partake in everything from running, playing football, swimming, hiking, or biking. If you have a job that requires standing for the majority of the day then you’re well aware just how important it is to have fully-functioning legs.

Perhaps you’ve taken your legs for granted and are now experiencing common painful symptoms that develop with time. Many people assume the pain will subdue but the underlying issues eventually develop into worse problems. If you’re experiencing any of these leg symptoms, varicose veins can easily occur under their respective conditions:   

Heavy Leg Syndrome

One of the most prominent symptoms of heavy leg symptom is swelling. One potential cause for the swelling is varicose veins. When veins become enlarged, they start to lose elasticity and valves become weakened. Blood is not able to properly re-circulate through the body and thus pools in the legs. The pooled blood makes legs feel heavy and tired. Not to mention creates unpleasant bumps.

When the veins in the legs become enlarged, it takes a huge toll on feet and legs, causing them to feel heavy and making it painful for you to stand. Other reasons heavy legs develop includes becoming pregnant, gaining weight, going through menopause, working in an occupation that require long periods of standing or sitting, as well as a family history of the condition.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is also referred to as tired leg syndrome or Willis-Ekbom disease. It generally involves the sensation of needing to move your legs because of an uncomfortable sensation. The development of RLS can begin with changes in your lifestyle such as becoming pregnant, being diagnosed with a chronic disease, loss of muscle control, or it is hereditary. Generally, RLS is felt at night when you’re sleeping but it can also affect you throughout the day as you feel the urge to move about. The disorder can be extremely uncomfortable. It may affect your ability to sleep and increase your likelihood of becoming dependent on sleeping pills as a result.

Eliminate These and Other Painful Leg Symptoms

At Physician’s Vascular Services, we provide comprehensive services for your varicose veins and the painful symptoms that are associated with the condition. If you’re experiencing heavy or tired leg syndrome, you should consider receiving a professional examination, which can determine the proper course of action. Our varicose vein treatments help prevent or eliminate painful leg symptoms. Please connect with us today to learn more.  

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