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Does the Veinviewer Flex Light Speed Up Treatment?

Dr. Furlong performing a FastTrack examination on a patient with a Veinviewer Flex Light. People can often be turned off to varicose vein treatment. This is due to the inconvenience that time and potential side effects can cause. Life is full of hustle and bustle throughout El Paso. Taking time from that can be hard for many people. At Physician’s Vascular Services, we use the Veinviewer Flex Light to speed up the treatment process for this very reason.  Here are a few benefits that show how the Veinviewer Flex Light makes our treatments superior and fast.

The Veinviewer Flex Light Helps Doctors Assess Vascular Health

The Veinviewer Flex Light looks like something of the future. Its sleek design and amazing capabilities are a testament to its benefits. The light looks like a green laser that basically highlights images of the body beneath the skin. It almost appears to be a portable, instant x-ray (without the harmful aspects, of course). The Veinviewer Flex Light allows for a doctor at Physician’s Vascular Services to look beneath the skin and make an assessment of vascular health. It allows us to evaluate your veins with the naked eye instead of waiting for results.  This light means that a patient can get a diagnosis and treatment promptly. It also means we can guide our treatment to specific areas, avoiding unnecessary exploration.

The Veinviewer Flex Light is Painless

Other than the convenience of quick imaging, the best thing about the Veinviewer Flex Light at Physician’s Vascular Services is that it is pain free. This advanced form of diagnostic imaging technology makes the process of getting an accurate picture of blood patterns painless. Doctors can view how blood is flowing through your veins up to 10mm without having to physically look under the skin. Through this you can get noninvasive targeted treatment for circulatory issues. This saves time because in other kinds of health issues, patients often have to recover from test alone before proceeding with treatment. Sometimes, we can also catch problems that may be more severe than we initially thought.

It’s clear that the Veinviewer Flex Light expedites the vascular treatment process significantly. It does so just by making it easier to the doctor to look at your circulatory system. If you have any questions about the Veinviewer Flex Light or any of the treatments we offer in El Paso, give us a call today. We’d be happy to discuss our expertise and patient care. Vascular problems like varicose veins and other conditions can make life uncomfortable and change the way you experience it. Don’t let your condition affect your quality of life. It’s time to take the first step towards feeling better and get back to living on your terms.

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