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Vein Doctors and How Can They Help You Live a Better Life

A vein doctor is normally called a vascular surgeon or specialist. The word vascular means affecting the veins and/or arteries in the body. This complex system affects many aspects of our everyday life and can cause some major discomfort if not treated. At Physicians Vascular Services we have dedicated specialists with in-depth training ready to help you with your varicose veins.

Your vascular system is comprised of blood vessels or arteries carrying oxygen-rich blood and veins carrying blood back to the heart. It is like the internal highway system that ultimately leads to your heart. Without blood flowing smoothly through this highway system, there will be clogs—traffic jams, so to speak—that will cause problem spots and prevent your body from functioning effectively.

Becoming a Vascular Surgeon

People often wonder what makes a good vein doctor or vascular surgeon. It requires rigorous training and specialty learning about the veins. This journey begins with students obtaining their Bachelor’s degree in a medical related field like biology or chemistry. After this, students will undergo more specialized education in medical school. Once out of medical school, additional training is required through a residency program and fellowship.  These programs are intense and rigorous while providing hands-on experience and education with developing technology and procedures. Some vascular specialists even go on to become board certified. A board certification indicates that a physician has gone above and beyond the minimal requirements to practice medicine and have really mastered the subspecialties.

The Responsibilities

Physicians that specialize in the vascular system of the body are more than just surgeons. They are profoundly knowledgeable about the system of the body that causes conditions like varicose veins and therefore provides a lot of guided treatment that might not require surgery. At the same time, vascular physicians must stay at the forefront of changing and advancing technologies in their field, like the use of radiology and medical imaging, which can significantly reduce the recovery time. A big part of what a vein doctor does is help patients understand the condition of varicose veins and how lifestyle changes and non-invasive treatments can be a good option for them.

Long Lasting Patient-Doctor Relationships

Most surgeons will come into a patient’s life, perform the surgery, maybe see them through one or two follow up visits and then disappear. Vascular treatment is often fairly long and more involved and requires ongoing treatment and observation from your surgeon. This means they often interact with the patient months or years before or after the surgery. This maintains a healthy back and forth and keeps patients engaged with their health in a more proactive way.

Choose the Best Physician for Your Vascular Vein

Our physicians here at Physician’s Vascular Services are highly trained and specialized in their areas. Both of our doctors have also been Board Certified and have a personal and profound commitment to the well-being of their doctors.  When struggling with varicose veins trust only a vein doctor with proven experience and a commitment to you! Come by Physician’s Vascular Services for the best treatment.


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